Steps to starting a new project.


Capture email address - Customer goes to So Fetch and enters their email address.

Onboarding - After collecting their email address an automated reply is sent directing them here. This will gather their contact info, budget, and project info and put it into our client spreadsheet.

Schedule Appointment - After filling out the Onboarding information the client will then be directed to schedule an appointment for a 15-minute call here.

15-minute Phone Call - Review the project’s basic details and explain how we work.

contracts & Invoicing (client)

Create client and project in Harvest - Input their contact info, and create the project with the appropriate name. Mark it as 'billable' and allocate a budget.

Slack - Create a Slack private group named [p-project-name] for client business communication. This channel should include Tim, Corey, and the client. This channel is to address additional questions dealing with the business of this project. Anything you post in this group is seen by the client. Create a Slack private group named [p-projectname-internal] and include Tim, Corey, and any developers/designers working on the project. This group is used for any conversation about this project that the client doesn't need to see.
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Discovery - After an invoice for 1 day of discovery is paid, invite the developer into the client's private group. Introduce them and start a dialogue with the client so that they can share any details about how the software should look/act/feel. Schedule the day of discovery and warn the client that they should be available in Slack to answer any questions the developer might have. After our initial discovery day, explain what exactly their project would entail.

MSA & SOW – If the client wants to move forward, we create our MSA and SOW stored here.
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Send MSA & SOW - Login to HelloSign. Username and passwords for HelloSign are stored in our password management doc which is stored here.
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Invoice - Login to Harvest and send over an invoice for the initial deposit as outlined in the MSA & SOW to the contact email address collected from the Onboard Doc.

Create Project Page
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Project page - This should include all of the following:

Header - One sentence about what we’re building.

Client Information - Include the company name, point of contact, client location, email address, slack group name, and phone number.

Project Goal - Define the clients goal.

Project Description - Describe what the client is requesting to be built. Give them details of what the client expects the final result to look like, and how it should function.


Start Date - Month/Date/Year

Length of project - Define the total time the project will take (# of weeks / # hours per week). Give them the timezone that the client is in, and detail what hours contractors need to be accessible. Include the project’s start date.

Positions available - List out which skills/positions need to be filled.

Build a team

Subcontractor - If the project requires more subcontractors than were already included in the 1 day discovery, you'll need to hire them for the project. Find a subcontractor that has the skills required for the project by looking  in our Developer Document. Email them a link to the project page along with a password to access that page and a link to the Employee Handbook. Mention that you will be sending them an invite to join Slack & Harvest, if they are not already there. Add them to the project in Harvest so that they can properly log their project hours.

Slack - Setup a Slack private group [project-name-subcontractor-name] and add Tim, Corey, any Project Managers and the subcontractor. This is where all questions are answered between subcontractor and So Fetch.

Subcontractor accepts Position  

Contracts - Fill out their subcontractor contract and upload to HelloSign. Send them the contract and a link to the W9.
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Harvest - Create a Harvest account for subcontractor and invite them to the project.

Introduce team

Slack - Create Slack private group named [project-name-development]. Invite subcontracts, client, Tim, Corey and any relevant Project Managers. Archive previous Slack Channels.

Introductions - One business day before project begins schedule a quick phone call to introduce the team to the client.


Setting up a client - If the client does not have a Github account or repository set up yet, create one within the Github account.

Managing the project - Follow these instructions to create teams, assign permissions, and keep repositories updated.

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