Project Info:

Client information

Company - So Fetch

Point of Contact - Tim Chilcott

Location - Austin, TX

Email -

Phone - (307)-871-4933

Slack Group - remote-birthdays

Project Goal

Create a web application that allows its users to keep track of birthdays/other important dates.

project description

The client wants to develop a very simple web application that notifies him of his remote team's birthdays. The idea came from using to keep track of his team's timezones, and thought it would be handy to know their birthdays, so that he could send out gift cards, etc. The idea is to let other people be able to sign up and use the app for their teams as well. You can view what a team page looks like for here:

It would also be fantastic if it integrated with Slack and automatically posted a "happy birthday" message to a selected Slack channel.

Start Date


Length of Project

Total - N/A


Our client is in on central time.

Positions open

Ruby on Rails - Senior level developer

UI/UX Designer - Senior level designer with Project Management skills.