Project Info:

Client information

Company - Atomized

Point of Contact - Jon Lee

Location - Atlanta, GA

Email -

Phone - (404) 983-0818

Slack Group - p-atomized

Project Goal

To audit the Atomized app, then migrate it from PHP to Ruby on Rails. 

project description

Atomized is a platform that allows marketing publishers to visualize the content they’re about to post on a calendar, instead of looking at text.  Currently, the platform is running on PHP. The client wants to migrate to Ruby on Rails so it’s easier to maintain and add features.

We will not be modifying the PHP code much other than to get it to call-out to the Ruby application. 

The plan is to:

  • Keep the PHP application running as-is
  • Understand sections of the PHP code before migrating
  • Write a capybara, high-level test that interacts with the PHP application and passes, FIRST
  • Once passing, migrate code to Ruby

Our first week will be spent getting the software running locally, understanding the code, and creating cards for each feature to start conversations about.

Start Date


Length of Project

Total - 1 month, potentially longer.


Our client is in on eastern time.

Positions open

iOS Developer - Senior level developer with Project Management skills.

Ruby on Rails - Senior level developer