Automated Standups for Slack Channels

 NOW Supports Public & Private Channels

Messaging tools like Slack changed our work world. Standup changed our meetings. Standup Bot keeps us accountable, tracks our goals, and got us to post our successes, plans, and upcoming challenges. We love it so much and we think you will too, so we're releasing it Open-Source.


Proactive - Standup bot asks users for their daily standup automatically.

Organization -  Standup bot organizes each team members responses.

Remote - It doesn't matter where you are. Web or mobile, if you can chat with Slack you can participate in standup.

Overview - At the conclusion of standup a beautiful overview of the daily responses is created.

History - A working history of your daily standup is kept for you to go back and review

Blockers - Standup bot helps gets rid of roadblocks by putting them out in the open.

Accountability - Standup Bot helps hold your team members responsible to their timelines and commitments.



Screenshot showing the overview at the conclusion of Standup

Watch one of our Standups in action.

External Links

Check out the Standup Bot Github.

Read the Documentation.