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We’re committed to building web and mobile apps as efficiently as possible.

So Fetch emerged in 2014 as a tech company that trades in the startup bravado for hard work. Enlisting industry-leading developers and designers, Tim Chilcott and Corey Grusden cofounded a unique team. So far, we’ve completed projects for various companies including Square and Alii Healthcare. We’ve also built apps for navigation, ghostwriting, and various platforms that service millions of monthly users.

Reputation is important to us. So Fetch has assembled the most helpful and down-to-earth team possible. Our team solves tough web and mobile problems with honest ethics and care. Using evolving processes, we build great technology for great people.



Welcome – We are so happy to have you become a part of So Fetch. It's an exciting time for all of us.

Our start – We founded So Fetch in October 2014 after combining two consultancies which were in business for a combined 15 years. We are privately owned and operated. We have been profitable from day one. 

Mission Statement – Empowering people by profitably building technology in a casual and creative environment.

Types of Projects - We've worked on a variety of software projects with scale ranging from an idea and a credit card to websites & apps that service millions of monthly users.

Philosophy #1  – If you can't think, you can't work here.

Philosophy #2  – The old ways of doing business still matter. A handshake still means something to us.



Employee - You are covered by either full-time, part-time, or temporary work status, and taxes have already been paid out of your wage. Depending on the length of time of your employment, you may be eligible for vacation, sick days, holiday pay, bereavement, and maternity leave.

Subcontractor – Wages paid by So Fetch have not yet been taxed. Each year, you will receive a 1099 summarizing your total earnings. Vacation, sick days, nor maternity leave are offered.


Dropbox - All of our contracts are stored in Dropbox. We create a new contract based off of a "Master" version and then save each contract with the employee's name and date.

HelloSignA fast, secure and legally binding way to obtain eSignatures for Business.

Contracts - Before beginning any work with So Fetch you will sign a contract.

W9 - Upon hiring you will be required to fill out a W9 form if hired as a subcontractor.

Working Remotely

Integrity - We want to work with honest people. Our relationship is important. We should be working together from a position of mutual respect.

Overlap - The freedom that comes with working remote is great but we do require some overlap with our work day to keep things on track.

Personal Errands - We’re all human and understand that sometimes you need to step away. Let your project manager know when you’re going dark so that we don’t worry.


Encryption - All computers must use hard drive encryption.

Automatic Login - Disable automatic login on your computer. Require a password if waking from sleep and set the computer to automatically lock after 10 minutes.

Website Encryption - Turn on encryption for all websites you visit.

Smartphones/Tablets - It is important to make sure all smartphones/tablets have a passcode and can be wiped remotely. 

Passwords - Use a unique generated long-form password for each site you visit, kept by password managing software like 1Password or Safari Keychain.

Two-Factor Authentication - If possible turn on two-factor authentication, especially when using Gmail or Github.


Daily Communication - We use Slack for all company communication. Always use the appropriate channel for your projects and questions. 

Daily Standup - #standup is the Slack channel used daily (at 10AM EST) to post what you did yesterday, what you are working on today and what may block you from completing your work.

Meetings - We must occasionally arrange meetings, if we do we'll give you plenty of notice.

Questions - Ask them. If you need an answer from a client, don’t hesitate to get your project manager involved.

Be Proactive - Don’t wait for help to come find you. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, we're here. Being proactive vs. reactive is one of our mantras. 

Be Professional - The way you carry yourself says a lot about your work. Be courteous and professional, not only with the So Fetch team, but our clients too.

Coding Practices

Pivotal Tracker - This is where we create all of our user stories. Pivotal Tracker also allows us to collaborate in real-time, and make sure features are being reviewed and accepted.

Github - This is where we store all of the code for our projects. After you create an account on Github, we'll add you to a team. That way you can see what we’re working on.

Coding Guidelines - We follow Sandi Metz’ five rules. They’re simple. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel on this one. Watch this video of her explaining the rules.

Code Review - We review everything to catch any small errors or coding-style issues. Pull requests need one person to leave a comment on the whole pull request with a “+1” for it to be merged/OK.

Refactoring - We are always cleaning up code. We follow the boy scout rule: leave it better than you found it.

Pull Requests - This is our method of submitting contributions to the project. It lets us show you the changes we have made in the code repository so that you can review them. It also keeps all of the current working code as an original/master. Whenever we're adding a feature or fixing a bug, we can create a new branch and push it to Github, creating a pull-request for that branch.

Change Requests - If we want to add a new feature, we create a new card for it through Pivotal Tracker. This is so we can track each change.

Getting paid

Time Tracking - We'll send you an invite to Harvest to track time. It’s your responsibility to submit your hours to Harvest every other Friday. If you don’t submit your hours by their due date, you won’t be paid for that work.

Pay Periods - We pay bi-weekly via check or direct deposit. If you start in the middle of a pay period you'll be paid for the portion of the pay period you've worked.

Discrepancies - If you think there is any sort of pay discrepancy, DM your So Fetch project lead in Slack.

Incentives - So Fetch gives bonuses for completing work faster than expected, and for going above and beyond to make our clients happy.

Advances - We do not currently offer pay advances. You are not allowed to bill us for hours in advance. If there is a special circumstance let us know and we will try and work something out.

Importance - Making sure you are paid on-time, every time is one of the most important things to us as a business.



Vacations - Take a break when you need one. While you’re away, the projects must continue. Two week’s notice is necessary to have your projects covered and keep our clients happy while you’re away. 

Sick Days - Even when working remotely, occasionally you’re too sick to complete your work day. DM your project lead in Slack and let them know what's going on.

Emergencies - Life happens to everyone every single day and we understand that. Take care of what you need to. When you get a moment of clarity give us a call, email, message on Slack or send us a smoke signal and let us know what is going on. We worry about you.

Medical Leave - If for some reason you need medical leave, please contact Tim and Corey. We may allow for some medical time off on a case by case basis.

Bereavement - Put us in your social circle and let us know what’s going on so that we can cover for you. Your loss is our loss, and we want you to take the time you need.

Maternity Leave - Some new moms choose to continue working. Take the time you need, or keep us informed of the hours that you’re available.


Holiday Policy - We like holidays, provided that your projects don't suffer. Feel free to take holidays off. We don’t expect you to work or contribute to Slack conversations on the following days unless you want to.

New Years Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day


Let’s just agree not to talk about what you’re doing in your projects with people who are not part of So Fetch.

employee conduct

Harassment & Discrimination – There is zero tolerance for (remote) workplace harassment, such as unwelcome verbal or non-verbal hostility. Be kind and concise to one another when communicating. We’re all a team working towards the same goal.

Attendance – Regular attendance and punctuality are essential for the smooth operation of So Fetch. If you are unable to keep your work commitments for any reason, let us know as soon as possible.

Discipline & Standards Conduct – If, after discussing an ongoing problem, So Fetch feels that you aren’t a good fit based on your work or attendance, we reserve the right to end our working contract at any time without severance. Poor attendance is grounds for immediate dismissal. You will be notified in writing of any disciplinary issues.

Dress Code –  Your personal hygiene and attire are a reflection of our company. Please keep this in mind should any video meetings/conferences arise.

Substance & Abuse - Your time is your time. Be sober on our time. There is zero tolerance if the opposite is suspected. Substance abuse is a serious matter, if you need help let us know.

Equal opportunity employer

We don’t keep race, gender, religion, orientation, age, or disability in mind when we hire. If you’re cool, we’re cool.

Have a question that isn't answered by this handbook? Email handbook@sofetch.io