Collection of internal tools

Project tools

Start A Project - Use this guide as a step-by-step process for starting a new project. 

Digital Assets - Visit this page if you need our updated logos and profile images.

Password Manager - Save all usernames and passwords for sites we sign up for here.


Employee Information

Remote Birthdays - Send this link to remote teammates so we know their birthdays:

Computer - Send this link to teammates to gather information about their work computers:

client information

Onboarding New Customers - Use this link to gather information from new and potential clients:

Appointments - Use this link for customers needing to schedule appointments:

Refer & Remote Work

Refer - Provide this link to people who know of someone that may need our services (Filling out this link will send the referral an email):

Remote Work - Send this link to anyone interested in potentially working with us remotely:

VC - Send this link to collect contact information from potential VC's:

Friends - Use this link to gather information on people who are interested in learning about our company:

Jobs - This is a secondary link for gathering information from remote workers:

sales team links

Phone Calls - Send this link to sales people to fill out after they make a sales call:

Meetings - Send this link to salespeople to fill out after they have a sales meeting:

Do you need access to a link that isn't listed here? Email